1917 - Kerr St school

"On April 15, 1917, the Dominican Sisters took up residence in a house bought from Mr Julian Windeyer at the corner of Kerr and Bull Streets, and opened a school on the following day with 50 children. In 1919 they moved to the present site of San Clemente on the corner of Crebert and Havelock Streets. Adjacent properties were acquired later."
(50 Years of Progress 1900-1950. Mayfield Jubilee Celebrations Souvenir Booklet p. 23)

"Later in 1917 the enrolment had risen to 107, demonstrating the need for the school in the area.
(Booklet of the Golden Jubilee St Mary’s Dominican Convent Maitland 1867-1917. St Mary's Dominican Convent, Maitland, 1917)

The pupils at Kerr St. included both boys and girls, with some girl boarding. 

"About the middle of June 1917 I was accepted as a pupil at our first Catholic Primary school at Mayfield. Coming from the country and being taught by Mum it seemed huge to me, I made the twentieth pupil.

"The long desks were used then. All fitted on one seat. It was nothing to land on the floor; we were squashed. ... We were very happy, loved our teachers and our school."
(Sr. M. Julianna Cooge O.P. in St Columban’s, celebrating eighty years of history, 1917-1997 p. 6)

"The Windeyer house was built in 1880, and "Julian Windeyer was a prominent Newcastle solicitor. The Windeyers, like other wealthy families of the time, had indentured servants, including girls as young as 13, who would work as maids." 
(Mayfield, the Toorak of Newcastle?. <http://libguides.newcastle.edu.au/mayfield/walks> (30/5/17))

San Clemente Small 


"San Clemente" Dominican Convent, Mayfield, North Waratah

Golden Jubilee 1867-1917 of the Dominican Nuns of N.S.W.
From the collection of the Newcastle Public Library

 Windeyer House Small


"Windeyer house", Bull Street, Mayfield

50 Years of Progress: Mayfield Jubilee Celebrations 1900-1950 Souvenir Booklet. 

 Kerr St House Small


Kerr St. house

(St. Columban's Primary School.  <http://www.schools.ash.org.au/stcol/history.htm#san>, 21/5/07)


 24400121 Small

Mayfield - House - Cnr Bull & Kerr Street  Design by E. Yeomans, 1887 - Windeyer House 

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The Newcastle Cultural Collection. <http://collections.ncc.nsw.gov.au/keemu/pages/nrm/index.htm>, (22/5/07)

 Mother Concepta



Reverend Mother Concepta O'Donohoe O.P.

Foundation Principal/Prioress

San Clemente Dominican Convent/Boarding school