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Black Belt in Origami

Black Belt in Origami

Resident Origami Enthusiast

Riley in Year 9 is an origami enthusiast.  Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.  He first became interested in origami six years ago when he was in year 3.  A friend in his class showed him some origami tutorials by YouTuber Jo Nakashima who makes videos of how to make origami models from simple to complex. 

Riley soon became hooked, and it has become a long-term hobby.  He has honed his craft over the years beginning with simple designs like dragons to now being able to fold models like magic balls, which can transform into sixteen different designs like a wheel, tent, flower, trophy, fountain and many more.  He has amassed quite a collection being in the hundreds, some of which are pictured here, among his favourites is the magic rose cube that transforms from a cube to a rose.

Riley practices the art of origami a few times a week and has had the opportunity to sell some of his functional origami creations at stalls like notebooks connected with folds and interactive puzzles.  

As well as being fun, origami has many educational and therapeutic benefits from geometry, thinking skills, fractions, problem solving, physics, plus it is stress relieving, an affordable hobby, artistic and is a great way to practice mindfulness.