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An insight into Australia and the Vietnam War

Year 10 students have begun studying History this semester with the unit Australia in the Vietnam War Era. Students will investigate the nature of this war, Australia's role in the war and responses to the war back in Australia. 
The first assessment task for year 10 will be to create a visual static presentation to reflect on Australia's involvement and the effects of this war shown through media to Australians at home.

During the first week of Term 3, Year 10 students had the privilege of having the Nambus visit the school. As part of the incursion students were given the opportunity to listen to Vietnam Veterans including why they became involved, experiences of the war and coming home. They were also able to walk through the Nambus that had a large range of artifacts from the war on display and try on ex-war uniforms and equipment.

Leticia Wakely, HSIE Teaching and Learning Coordinator

We had 5 Vietnam Veterans come to our school to speak with our Year 10 students about their experiences prior to, during and after their return from the Vietnam war. 

Here are some quotes from our Year 10 students about their experience:

  • "Great experience, a fun way to learn about the war whilst interacting with soldiers who fought in the war"
  • "It was good and sad to hear their stories"
  • "Good to have hands on experience, to dress in their clothes and carry their packs, it enabled us to walk in their shoes for a brief moment"
  • "I enjoyed hearing stories and looking at the photos to see personal perspectives and experiences of the Vietnam war"
  • "Learn about the ANZAC spirit of the men that fought for our country, can't get that from textbooks"
  • "Men were  proud to tell their stories - they were approachable, were happy to answer our questions - Leo was lovely"
  • "10/10"

Sheridan Pruteanu, HSIE Teacher

From the Central Coast Veterans website:
The NAMBUS is a former Sydney city bus donated to our Association by the New South Wales Government so we can travel to schools throughout the State giving presentations to Year 10 students on Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The bus contains a large number of photographs, artifacts and many items of memorabilia giving the students a sound understanding of the Australian servicemen and women’s involvement in the Vietnam War for their modern history studies. 

For more information visit the NAMBUS web page.