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NAPLAN Results

NAPLAN Results

Recent changes to NAPLAN generating many questions

NAPLAN reports were handed out this week and the recent changes to the HSC has created many questions. The best source of information on these changes and the new literacy and numeracy HSC requirements is the NSW Education Standards Authority web site.

A brief outline on the information from that site is below; Students will need to meet the minimum standard in NAPLAN in three areas - reading, writing and numeracy - by Year 12 to receive their HSC. The standard is set at a basic level of reading, writing and maths skills needed for future learning. Students will have many chances to meet the standard and no student will be prevented from achieving their HSC due to their Year 9 NAPLAN results. Students learn at different rates. This is why students will have multiple opportunities to meet the HSC minimum standard by Year 12.

New, short, online reading, writing and numeracy tests for the HSC minimum standard will be available for students to sit when they are ready in Year 10, 11 or 12. NAPLAN results for Year 9 students will indicate which online test/s (if any) they need to pass to be eligible for the HSC certificate.

There are three separate 45 minute online tests: reading, writing and numeracy. Students will decide with their teachers when they are ready to attempt each test they need to pass. The tests are different to NAPLAN tests. Students will have two opportunities a year in Years 10, 11 and 12 to pass any tests needed. They will also be able to take them for a few years after they leave school. Students don’t have to sit or pass all tests needed at once. Once a student passes an online test, they don’t have to sit it again.

The test dates (school days only) for 2018 are:
Term 1: 19 February to 23 March 2018
Term 2: 21 May to 22 June 2018
Term 3: 13 August to 14 September 2018
Term 4: 5 November to 7 December 2018

If you are still unsure on any of this information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Marc Romano, Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)