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Reflection for growth

Reflection for growth

Report cards offer opportunity to develop and improve

Report cards can often be dreaded by teenagers and parents alike, but we have worked with diligence and determination to change the mindset of our students, inviting them to reflect on these reports and look to the future. Look to how they can grow from here.

In Pos-Ed sessions across the first few weeks of this term, the focus has been on the report card. Students have been asked to consider these as feedback for growth, to see them as a document that allows them to use their strengths to develop and improve. Students have been empowered as they identify the positive language that can be found in these documents, they were asked to identify key goals for future development and to recognise how their own strengths can be used to reach these goals. Please take the time to talk to your children about their goals, so that we can work together to help them achieve them.

Emma South, Positive Education Coordinator