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Elasmo Marine Environments

Elasmo Marine Environments

The journey of litter from SCM to the ocean

One of the alternate activities on Friday the 14th of December was a walk from San Clemente Mayfield to Honeysuckle with Elasmo, an educational group building awareness of stewardship for Marine Environments. 

A group of thirteen Year 9 students walked in the path that a piece of litter would take from our school playground on its way to the ocean, once it has entered the street drains outside our school. 

We walked down Havelock Street to Maitland Road and then tracked along Maitland Road to Islington Park where the drain of Throsby Creek meets Styx Creek from Adamstown. We then continued down Throsby Creek via Maryville and Wickham to Honeysuckle. We learnt about the Hunter River, the flow of water over the terrain and the importance of caring for our river systems and their catchments.

Students were made aware of the connections we have with our environment and our impacts positive and negative, through local history stories of industry, pollution and disregard for our river ecosystem to current day land care projects and environmental success stories.

The students had a very active and thought provoking day.

Julia Nolan, Teaching and Learning Coordinator (Acting), Science