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Learn 2 Learn

Learn 2 Learn

Stage 4 program big success

In the Plagiarism session during San Clemente’s L2L Program, students identified plagiarism and apply strategies to avoid it. Beginning with an introduction into ‘What is plagiarism? ’students identified what plagiarism looks like in assessments and the classroom and why exercising honesty is central to personal academic growth. Students applied strategies such as quoting, paraphrasing and summarising to prepare themselves for upcoming assessments across all Key Learning Areas.

Understanding how to use MNConnect, accessing emails, email etiquette, electronic calendars, Compass (desktop) and Compass App, as well as troubleshooting simple WiFi issues - such as zScaler and WiFi Support on MNConnect were skills students developed.

Many classes are using OneNote. The better students understand how OneNote is organised, the easier it is for them to access their learning. In this session, students became familiar with OneNote, learnt how to access their learning in OneNote and how to organise their OneNote resources.

The Online Research L2L session covered strategies for effectively using online search engines, including the use of Boolean operators. The corroboration of online sources were explored and students used tools for finding credible and reliable sources. San Clemente's Moodle resources and apps including Khan Academy, Photomath and Duolingo were also covered. Academic Wellbeing – Maintaining a Study/Life Balance through the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. The following areas were addressed: benefits of mindfulness; feelings and emotions associated with procrastination and perfectionism; the importance of exercise and sleep; introducing planning and goal-setting.

Year 7 constructed Learning Logs to assist them with their study in Mathematics. Learning Logs help students reflect and articulate what they have learnt in class. Students complete Learning Logs for each topic studied in Mathematics and are able use them as a tool for assisting them in examinations.

Year 8 revised the construction of Learning Logs in Mathematics as well as Time-lines, Charts and Mind-maps as learning tools. They learnt about the most effective ways of studying for Mathematics specifically through worked revision sheets with questions graded by difficulty.

I trust that your child’s involvement in San Clemente’s Learn 2 Learn program will be beneficial to their educational learning experiences.

Emma Tierney, Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)