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The Daly (Weekly) Anime Club

The Daly (Weekly) Anime Club

Anime (noun): a style of Japanese film and television animation

Our anime club has begun this year with a bang! Our members have elected a President and Vice President: Shea and Sarah in Year 9, and much enthusiasm and hilarity have ensued!

What's happening?
Term 1
A poster competition is running amongst members and all submissions are due next week, Tuesday 26 February. All entries must be manga inspired and include: The Daly (Weekly) Anime Club, Tuesday, Lunch, D3 to be eligible. The winning poster will be used for club promotion.

There will be a quiz and sushi fest in Week 11, there will be prizes for quiz winners and members can order sushi hand rolls for $3.50 each, notes will be going home towards the end of the term.

Term 2
The club will embark on a mega origami project where we will attempt to fold 1000 paper cranes. Hopefully we will reach 1000 and they will be on display at our annual Sight and Sound exhibition.

We will be hosting a lip sync battle at the end of Term 2 where members will be able to ‘sing’ songs from anime theme songs, to J-Pop or K-Pop. There will be guest judges and prizes!

Kristy Hüber, Club Organiser