Japanese and French

The study of a modern language is a highly valuable experience. San Clemente offers two such languages – Japanese and French - to enable students to view life and the world through the medium of other languages and cultures. We begin to see world problems and life situations through other people's eyes. The study of Japanese and French in Stage Four introduces students to the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the languages as well as exploring aspects of the cultural life of the people. Proficiency in a language means more than just the ability to use the language - it also requires an understanding of cultural factors. Both Japanese and French are available as elective studies in Stage Five.

The study of each language follows a similar pattern. The course is divided into two areas:

  • Study of the language.
  • Study of the country, people and customs.

The language

The main focus in learning a language involves the development of four skills:





Students will learn how to communicate in a variety of situations, engage in conversations, comprehend both written and oral forms and express themselves in written form.  Students will gain a clearer understanding of English as well, as English grammar is constantly reinforced. A Language is an ACTIVE subject.  There is a great deal of opportunity for conversation, role-plays, games, singing etc.

The culture

Each language topic has a cultural aspect, through which students will gain an overall view of the country and an understanding of the lives of the people.


Students participate in a variety of excursions, depending on availability and course costs. These can include a meal in a restaurant, museum and art gallery exhibitions, Japanese tea ceremonies and other cultural activities. Opportunities are also available for students to participate in verse speaking and speech competitions.

Japan trip

We have a Sister School in Kobe with whom we have developed a Student Exchange Program.  Every two years we take a group to Japan in order to experience the Japanese way of life.  In the alternate year, Japanese students visit San Clemente.  It is a most enriching and valuable program.  It takes place in the last week of Term 3 and part of the Term 3 holidays. 

French trip

Every second year students of French are offered a one week trip to the French speaking island of New Caledonia. This takes place during the September/October holidays. Students are able to observe a French lifestyle and practise their speaking skills.   It takes place in the last week of Term 3 and part of the Term 3 holidays. 


Language falls under the leadership of the Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator.

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Emma South

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