Hearing Impaired Student Support

Deaf and hearing impaired students enrolled at San Clemente are supported through the Feldt Centre. A full time specialist teacher and two Learning Support Assistants support the students, across all KLAs, to ensure that each individual student gains best access to the curriculum. 

While each student attends mainstream classes they each have a timetable which caters to their individual needs, including tutorial time either in small groups or individual, note taker, and/or oral/sign interpreter in the mainstream classroom, paraphrasing of novels and any new language learnt in the classroom and subtitled audiovisual material where available.


All staff are proficient in AUSLAN. Staff work in close collaboration with mainstream teachers to ensure concepts and language covered in class are understood by the deaf and hearing impaired student. Students can be withdrawn to the Feldt Centre, when necessary, for individual teaching, revision and assessments.


Staff consider parents as equal partners in the education of their deaf and hearing impaired students and encourage communication on a regular basis. Staff also monitor and work with deaf and hearing impaired students on any social issues that arise.