Learning Difficulties

A large part of the Feldt Centre is to provide literacy and numeracy support. One of our rooms is dedicated to running three programs, Symphony Learning, Lexia Learning and The Comprehension Box.


Literacy Learning

IMG_0012-smallThis program gives specific practice in phonemic awareness and phonics while also promoting skills in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Part of the program also improves cognitive development through strengthening thinking, memory and problem solving abilities. Students who are involved in literacy support are withdrawn from class for a minimum of 3 times per cycle to work on the program.

Symphony Learning

IMG_9991Symphony Maths is designed to help students develop a strong foundation of mathematical concepts and applications. The program provides an opportunity for students to develop and practise important basic mathematical ideas and extends these ideas to operations such as addition, subtraction, place-value, and multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students who are involved in Symphony work through the program twice a week for thirty minutes. Our Maths faculty is also very supportive of the program and have incorporated this support program into their programs.

The Comprehension Practice 

IMG_9999Students who have been identified as having reading and/or comprehension difficulties work in either small groups with a Learning Support Teacher or a Learning Support Assistant and work through our comprehension program. Some students may also complete this on a one on one basis depending on need. Students progress through the levels as they demonstrate competency.