Staff Testimonials





Parent Testimonials

"Our two children started at San Clemente at the beginning of 2013 in Year 8 and Year 9. After coming from a small country school we were concerned that a larger school would not have the nurturing and personal feel of a smaller school. We had nothing to worry about. From the moment we first entered the school we have found the teachers and staff at San Clemente to be passionate about their school and its students.  We have been reassured about the school’s level of commitment when we have witnessed teachers getting emotional when speaking of their students efforts and successes at the end of 2013. The school has welcomed and got to know our children in a relatively short period of time, and this has allowed a smooth transition into school life.  It has also allowed both our children to develop into leadership roles within the school.  Our family is proud to be a part of the San Clemente School Family and would recommend the school to any family looking to join us."

- Kath & Jeff Clarkson

"I have been a part of the San Clemente community for 12 years and have had 4 children go through the school.  I have been very involved with the school and with the P & F, being secretary and fundraising co-ordinator.  Tony Kelly became principal the year after I started the school and I have watched him make tremendous changes over the years.  It is a school we can be proud of with a great community spirit and teachers who care about the students, are enthusiastic in their approach to teaching and are always willing to go 'that extra mile'. It has always struck me what a happy school it is.  Our children are taught to be caring young adults with a sense of pride in their abilities, which are not always academic, a good sense of leadership and an ability to get along with their peers in a very diverse community."

- Caroline Walker

"The teaching and support staff of San Clemente are committed to the best possible outcomes for students in their academic, pastoral and co-curricular activities. Ongoing professional development is an essential aspect of delivering high quality, educational experiences to students and teaching staff attend conferences and other learning opportunities both locally and interstate to ensure they continue to deliver effective, innovative teaching and learning. In addition to high standards in their teaching, staff provide a safe and supportive environment which celebrates student diversity within a social justice framework. Through the example of a highly collegial environment, staff foster in students a strong sense of community with a focus on respect for themselves, their peers and the staff."

- Bonnie Rae


Student Testimonials


"San Clemente is one of the most unique and respectable teaching environments in any school, catholic or not. The passion of the teachers for the students learning is so strong and as a student, you really feel that the sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless. This relationship between students and teachers is vital to a good education and school life. San Clemente prides itself on its community feel and school spirit. This is really emphasised through the various community days, fundraising days and whole school assemblies that are held throughout the year that both students and staff get involved together. As a current student, this community feel and spirit really makes school so enjoyable and as my time at San Clemente is nearing the end, I know that I and many others will miss dearly our SCM Family."

- Jarod Clarkson


"San Clemente is a great, loving school. At San Clemente I love the cultural diversity and acceptance of others. The friendly, helpful teachers are always there for students at all times. Every day I look forward to going to school to learn something new, see my teachers and my friends. Here at school we are such a tight-knit community. San Clemente to me is truly like my second family."

- Siena Breen, Year 9 2014



"I like San Clemente because of its welcoming atmosphere. The heart-warming greetings and smiles you receive everyday by all the staff and students makes it a school like no other. The caring staff and pupils make it a very diverse and wonderful community that is easily adaptable to."

- Maya AlMaraee, Year 9 2014



"San Clemente hosts a variety of opportunity for its diverse range of students. Whether it is sporting, arts or leadership opportunities. It is in San Clementes best interest to present many chances for students to present their gifts and talents through educational learning and insights. For me, the key thing is that the academic environment is very supportive, so no matter what your background or interests, you can make learning work for you.

As well as this San Clemente has a wonderfully rich history, but there's a pretty vibrant present as well. There is always something going on - be it traditional celebrations, literary events, or fundraisers. San Clemente takes pride in taking part and presenting these events to students making school life very eventful and creating many memories."

- Chelsea Gilbert