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Year 10 Drama perform Cosi by Louis Nowra

Congratulations to our very talented Year 10 Drama students who performed at The Civic Playhouse on Wednesday the 23rd of October. These dedicated young actors worked extremely diligently to present for us an authentic, timeless and highly entertaining production. They came away knowing more about history, performance and each other. Not only this, but they developed exceptional skills in teamwork, critical thinking, being able to empathise, time management and accepting their intuition all while strengthening their metacognition.

The students were an absolute credit to themselves and their families. Their director was particularly proud of their growth as performers, noting that some students are incredibly shy outside of the Drama environment and have blossomed into confident actors/speakers. Congratulations to Leviathan, Constance, Zoe, Sharla, Xavier, Kaleb, Angus, Patricia and Lewis. Thank you also to the long list of staff who helped out in various other capacities. 

Amy Wilde, Drama Teacher
Teaching and Learning Coordinator, CAPA/Languages (Acting)