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Year 8 will soon choose

Term 3 is sure to be full of new and exciting opportunities, one of which will see students deciding which Elective Subjects they wish to study during Years 9 and 10. More information regarding each subject will be distributed to students early next term, a Parent Information evening will follow, with a date yet to be finalised. I would encourage all parents to take the time to discuss subjects of interest with your son or daughter openly and honestly.

As already mentioned to Year 8, subjects should be chosen in relation to areas of interest rather than being influenced by their peers. Experience has shown that students who choose subjects based merely on what their friends decide ultimately set themselves up for failure. Before deciding, think carefully about the following three questions;

  1. What subjects am I good at?
  2. What subjects do I enjoy the most?
  3. What subjects am I most interested in learning more about?

Mitch Allan, Year 8 Coordinator, Wellbeing