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Five Ways to Wellbeing

Five Ways to Wellbeing

Make a change

Ask yourself a few simple questions;

  1. Have I CONNECTED?
  2. Have I LEARNT something new?
  3. Have I consciously GIVEN of my time?
  4. Have I TAKEN NOTICE of the great things around me?
  5. Have I been ACTIVE?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these then I have some positive news. In addition to the remaining 4 weeks left of Term 3, there is still an entire 10 weeks to make a change. Here are some ways that you could answer the before mentioned questions;

  1. CONNECT with a new student… ask them about their week/weekend.
  2. LEARN something new about another country or the luckiest one that YOU live in – fun fact: Tasmania has the cleanest air in the entire world!!!
  3. GIVE of your time by taking 30 seconds to clean up the area where YOU sit at Lunchtime.
  4. TAKE NOTICE of the effort made by your parents to prepare your school lunch – and then make a conscience effort to thank them for it.
  5. BE ACTIVE by simply moving for 20 minutes every day for a whole week.

Mitch Allan, Year 8 Coordinator, Wellbeing