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Fly Point and Clemente CSI

Fly Point and Clemente CSI

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Fly Point Marine Excursion

On Friday 15th of November, Year 10 Marine and Aquaculture Technology students participated in an open water snorkelling excursion at Fly Point, Nelson Bay. Guided by professional instructors, students were able to put the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout Term Four into good use. Students were able to sight many different species of fish, seagrass and soft corals during their hour long snorkelling tour. All students conducted themselves well and guides were impressed by their enthusiasm on the day.

Jessica Bellamy, Marine & Aquaculture Technology

CSI San Clemente

On Monday the 18th November, San Clemente Year 10 classes had an exciting, engaging and memorable experience – solving ‘A Case of Conspiracy’. Students examined and interpreted the evidence which included microscopic analysis, indicators of arson, DNA, tyre tracks and ballistics evidence – working collaboratively to analyse evidence presented, determine a timeline of events and uncover motives of the suspects to solve the crime and build a plausible scenario for the prosecution case, based on the facts.

Julia Nolan, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Science