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Forensic Science Camp

Forensic Science Camp

Year 8 students attend 'The Armidale School Forensic Science Camp'

On Tuesday the 9th of July – four year 8 San Clemente students arrived at The Armidale School, for the beginning of a week of Forensic Science. They all had driven to Armidale with their parents and were excited about this new opportunity, despite a few nerves.

On arrival – all students had their fingerprints taken and a mug shot! They also received a Forensic Science Camp package with a mug and laptop cover among other things.

A group of students from Newcastle Grammar School welcomed our students and took them for a tour around The Armidale School before they collected their bags and went, with their parents, to the boarding house. The dormitories consisted of rooms for up to four people and our students were roomed with other students from Narrabri, Canberra and Sydney.

After putting bags in rooms and meeting roommates, parents were farewelled, and all the school aged scientists settled in for some forensic fun. Over the five days, small groups were each given five cases to solve, for example; break & enter, robbery, gang war, hostage and abduction, murder and animal trafficking. All situations described were based on actual events.

Case information provided to assist in solving the crimes included interview scripts and physical evidence, like crow bars, bloody knives, bloodied clothes, fibres, hair samples and saliva. Groups had to create an incident board, request interviews to assist solving cases, apply for search warrants (which was difficult) and prepare questions to send through to police headquarters for approval. Groups then combined to present their case to a real magistrate from the Armidale circuit.

Every night there was a different activity - like 150 kahoot questions about anything and everything. There were also compulsory fun sessions which included various sports like basketball and dodgeball or board games, building Jenga towers and karaoke.

The venue was superb, with beautiful gardens, comfortable student rooms in the dormitories and a delicious high-quality chef prepared buffet provided for meals.

Many friends were made from all over NSW and other states and our students would highly recommend The Armidale School Forensic Science Camp to any student who has the opportunity to attend the camp in the future.

Two of our students have nominated to be controllers for next year – like the Newcastle Grammar students who assisted our students on the first day – they will help with organisation of next year’s camp – welcoming students, helping to make up cases and assisting groups in case presentation.

Julia Nolan, Teaching & Learning Coordinator, Science