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Grow Hope

Grow Hope

High hope linked to higher wellbeing

I once read an article titled “3 Ways to Help Hope Grow in Teens” by Dr. J Coulson. In the article it refers to hope as being, the belief a person has that they can find ways to achieve their goals and to motivate themselves to use those pathways. Having high hope seems to correspond with higher levels of wellbeing, life satisfaction, and even academic and athletic achievement and success. Three suggestions given to promote hope in teens were;

  1. Speak to youth about their possible futures, and have them imagine their potential best selves and help them create visions of various pathways to take them to their best possible future self.
  2. Ask them what they are looking forward to.
  3. When they are stuck, rather than giving them an answer, ask them, “What do you think is the next best thing to do?” or “When have you overcome something like this before?”

The article did state however, that being hopeful is no guarantee to fix everyone and everything, but for some teens it can assist them to develop a vision and to create a pathway towards a more fulfilling future.

Patrick Doyle, Year 10 Student Coordinator