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May God the Father bless us

May God the Father bless us

Saint Dominic, pray for us

A Dominican Blessing
May God the Father bless us.
May God the Son heal us.
May God the Holy Spirit enlighten us, 
and give us
eyes to see with, 
ears to hear with,
hands to do the work of God with,
feet to walk with,
a mouth to preach the word of salvation with,
and the angel of peace to watch over us
and lead us at last, by our Lord's gift, to the Kingdom.

This version of the Dominican Blessing from the 13th Century, although it is slightly different in the wording to the version our students and staff at San Clemente know so well, is so much a reflection of our journey together as a Catholic community.

...” hands to do the work of God with’,

This excerpt from the prayer reflects the theme of our most recent whole school assembly. Throughout the assembly students and staff related recent experiences of visits to Uluru and connecting with remote Aboriginal communities, participation in activities focussed on caring for our planet, recognition of achievement for students who are working hard to achieve the best that they can, sporting participation and importantly a reflection on goal setting, learning intentions and positive relationships that lead to improved learning.

When our students enter each day with positivity and a will to make a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them, they do what we call "the work of God". In fact, central to our Catholic faith is the belief that to treat others well and be respectful of ourselves and others and to do our best in all that we do, is to honour God and to follow the example of Jesus Christ. This is the reason our staff choose to teach in our school and why parents choose to educate their sons and daughters in a Catholic School. That is not to say that mistakes are not made along the way and that guidance and redirection for students back onto this path is not needed but we work with students and their parents every day to see that success can be achieved for all students and that the "bumps in the road" are all a part of our growth as human beings and our learning journey.

“a mouth to preach the word of salvation with”...

This is such a significant theme in the way that all at San Clemente are encouraged to approach relationships. Our students have so many ways of communicating in 2019 and there is no parent I speak to who is not challenged by the management of their child’s use of electronic communication and media. So much good can be created by responsible use of this, but equally so much harm can be done by irresponsible use of it. If all communications were positive, life giving and supportive of positive relationships then many of the difficulties students experience at school would be easily overcome. Regrettably they are not always positive, and much work must be done to repair and redress relationship breakdowns initiated through poor use of electronic communications. I encourage all families to continue to talk about, lead and guide their young people in the appropriate and responsible use of all types of communication even including the way they speak to one another.  So much harm can be done through negative communication and equally so much good can be done through positive and supportive communication.

“a mouth to preach the word of salvation with”...

I trust that Term 3 continues to be productive and positive for all San Clemente families even when there are challenges along the way...

God Bless

Bernard Burgess, Principal