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Mock Trial Success

Mock Trial Success

A nail biting case

The final round of the opening stage of the NSW Mock Trial competition between San Clemente and New Lambton High was a nail-biter, yet a hard fought victory on San Clemente’s part. It proved a great learning experience for both teams and everyone went home happy with their efforts and improved in their respective roles.

The team consisted of Jeremy as 1st Barrister, Isaac as Solicitor and Angus as 2nd Barrister, Renaldo as Magistrates Clerk, and Kaleb as 1st Witness and Tom as 2nd Witness.

San Clemente (The Legal Doves) were the prosecution in this case, attempting to prove the defendant had committed arson, burning down a house owned by their boss. The game played out to be very interesting, from the whereabouts of the defendant, her possible drunken state,  possible motive and not to mention the intensity of cross examination to the convincing nature of every opening and closing speech. The win could’ve certainly gone to either team!

However, confusion in exact time and location of the defendant around the time of the crime, and a compelling, structured case built by the team of San Clemente, resulted in the defendant being ruled ‘Guilty‘. While winning the verdict was an accomplishment in itself, the total points awarded resulted in San Clemente coming out on top by a mere 7 points, the final score being 255-248. Both teams argued well and spoke impressively and with sophistication. Luckily, this narrow win places our team in the next stage of the competition, a challenge we are all more than excited to take on.

Overall, our team looks forward to continuing our journey in the state wide Mock Trial competition. As a team we were placed 12th in the State where there are 164 team involved. We would also like to thank Mrs Pruteanu for dedicating her personal time to assist our team, and also to Kate Slowey (ex-SCM Student), who provided a key perspective as a current law student, and supplied numerous ideas vital to our case.

Jeremy, 1st Barrister, Year 10