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Smarties iSTEM & Planetarium Immersion

Smarties iSTEM & Planetarium Immersion

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Last Wednesday, San Clemente held a ‘SMARTIES’ iSTEM taster day to expose year 7 students to the concept of integrated STEM – Science Technology, Engineering and Maths. A half day session of fun and collaborative activities was organised, including a competitive house team element, with the aim to engage year 7 students and show students the connections between the different disciplines.

Our Year 7 'SMARTIES' incursion consisted of activities where students undertook, in teams of two or three, a variety of problem solving ventures in rotation, utilising maths, science, technology, critical thinking and research skills and incorporating physical activity and creative arts.

The inaugural 'SMARTIES' day was open to 50 year 7 students, who have demonstrated their interest, engagement, capability and collaboration skills in Science, TAS and Maths. The aim is to offer the SMARTIES STEM taster day to all year 7 students in the future.

The STEM Academy Enrichment Team were:

Julia Nolan, Ellen Seaniger, Anna O'Brien, Kieren Knight, Gillian Rutherford, Anne-Marie Kelly.

Planetarium Immersion

On Monday 9th of December, all Year 7 experienced an exciting and awe inspiring Planetarium immersion.

The Planetarium Superdome is a 4 metre high dome that provides a 3D immersive experience of our night sky, our solar system and our galaxy.  This immersion assists to reinforce the abstract concepts learnt in the Earth and Space Science Unit this term.

Julia Nolan, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Science