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Space Incursion

Space Incursion

With Jeanette Dixon - Space Scientist

On Tuesday the 29th October, interested students attended a talk by Jeanette Dixon, and viewed the disc of Moon rock samples.

Jeanette is well known for her work in space science education having worked with NASA astronauts, NASA scientists, and being the only educator in Australia honoured since 2004 with a long-term loan of NASA’s educational disc of Moon rock samples collected by Apollo astronauts on Missions 15, 16, and 17, worth millions.

Retired NASA astronaut, Dr Andrew Thomas, has also been a supportive friend and colleague of hers for about 25 years. Jeanette has provided voluntary space science outreach at local, regional, state, and national levels for all educational grades and systems since 1992 outside of her professional work as a previous secondary science teacher, Head Teacher Science, and currently the coordinator/lecturer/tutor for trainee undergraduate science teachers and Master of Teaching students at the University of Newcastle.

Jeanette was recently was an invited guest speaker at the Parkes Radio Telescope for the Australian Government and the US Embassy for the 50th anniversary.

Julia Nolan, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Science