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Visiting Norwegian Teachers

Visiting Norwegian Teachers

Thoughts on Australia

Travelling to Australia has been such a good experience for us all. Even with this being our first encounter with the "Land Down Under", not to forget all the venomous and scary animals we have heard so much about.

We are four Norwegian students coming to Australia to do our teaching practice here at San Clemente for five weeks. All of us study at the same University called NTNU in a town called Trondheim. Boarding a plane back in snow filled Norway with a temperature of around -15 degrees and landing here in nearly 40 degrees was a real shock for us. However, we are not complaining, us Norwegians love the sun! As for the dangerous animals concerned, we have not seen anything to make us believe all the rumours we have back in Norway about there being snakes in toilets on a regular basis, or spiders lurking around every corner (especially having to look in our shoes every day before putting them on). Happy to state that we have survived for this long, and we will all leave here with a big wish to return.

San Clemente greeted us with open arms from day one! With amazing, kind teachers, support staff, and a lovely school we could not have asked for a better place to be. The students are engaged and respectful, and we have all agreed that they are way politer than the average Norwegian student. We are absolutely loving every minute of it here, and if there is anything we are wondering and need help with, we always have multiple people lining up to help us out. We look forward to our final 3 weeks in Australia.

Thank you for everything so far... 

Miss Hilde, Miss Nora, Miss Siren and Mr Kristoffer