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Year 10 Science & Engineering Challenge

Year 10 Science & Engineering Challenge

Encouraging a STEM frame of mind

On Friday the 26th of July, thirty-two students from San Clemente Year 10 Science took part in the annual Science and Engineering Challenge run by the University of Newcastle.  The challenge is a set of fun and competitive events involving principles of science, engineering and technology.

The experience has enabled the students to extend the their science knowledge and skills, and given us all an opportunity to work on complex real-life problems in a setting outside the school, work with University staff as well as high achieving science students from other schools.

The Science and Engineering challenge was introduced to enhance students ‘STEM’ frame of mind, have them thinking outside the box, outside a school classroom. This day gives students an insight into what it is like to not only think about and solve real-life problems, but also allows students a look at what it might be like to continue engineering into higher education.

San Clemente submitted eight teams each containing four members, into various group activities. Some of these activities included Bridge Building, Future power, Grasping Straws, Helter Skelter and Stringways. Each team completed these activities throughout the day, where skills such participation, team work and communication are valued.

Julia Nolan, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Science