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2021 Enrolments

2021 Enrolments

Come to an established and celebrated community

Our Year 7, 2021 enrolment period has seen significant interruption but as of this week we have been able to move on with the process of interviewing all our prospective enrolments for Year 7 next year. These students are coming from our Catholic primary schools and this year we can welcome more families from local schools not in the Catholic system. Given the restrictions on people coming to the school and social and physical distancing requirements that remain in place, interviews need to take on a different shape and format but we look forward to meeting with all of the Year 7, 2021 cohort, with their parents and carers as soon as it is practical to do so.

Families located in the Port Stephens area, whose sons and daughters are currently enrolled in Year 7 at San Clemente will have received correspondence from Catherine McAuley Catholic College, Medowie regarding the capacity to transfer to Year 8 there, next year. This is in line with the Catholic Schools Office correspondence at the end of 2019 outlining the possibility of that transition. I encourage any family considering this change to contact us to discuss the continuum of learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities offered at San Clemente, and the benefits of remaining in an established student cohort and in an established and celebrated school community for next year and beyond.

In the years to come, San Clemente will continue to support Year 7 enrolments from all of our local Catholic primary schools including St Columban’s, Mayfield, St Peter’s, Stockton, Our Lady of Victories, Shortland, Corpus Christi, Waratah and will gradually include all students from St Patrick’s, Wallsend. Siblings and family members of our current or past students from St Michael’s, Nelson Bay and St Brigid’s, Raymond Terrace who wish to continue the family tradition and apply to San Clemente in the coming years are welcome to do so and a “best fit” enrolment scenario in a Catholic secondary school will be enabled. There will continue to be families who for reasons of work or business or the needs of their child will seek some flexibility in terms of their choice of a Catholic secondary school. San Clemente will continue to accept these applications from families and process them in line with diocesan guidelines and in consultation with the principals of other Catholic schools. 

Bernard Burgess, Principal