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Gratitude and Choice

Gratitude and Choice

Think about Thanks!

The theme for this week in student planners is, ‘gratitude and choice’. Gratitude refers to the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Choice refers to an act of choosing between two or more possibilities.

This week I would like to challenge all students to think of one thing each day that they are truly grateful/thankful for. This could be:

1. Your family and friends – give your mum a hug when you get home
2. Your health and wellbeing – give yourself a pat on the back
3. The opportunity to have an education – thank a teacher for their lesson
4. Food on the table – eat it rather than Instagramming it
5. Your favourite song – sing it…loudly…to your dog
6. Hot showers – have one in under 10 minutes
7. The internet – use it wisely and appropriately
8. Having a job and/or income – thank your Boss for hiring
9. The ability to dream – do this often and be unapologetic
10. Sunrises and sunsets – get up early, sit still and just be

Regarding choice, having multiple options is great…sometimes. Sometimes though, less is more. Sometimes having too many choices can be overwhelming. Can you think of times when less may actually mean more? The following might help;

  • Less stuff = More space
  • Less spending = More money
  • Less clothes = More wardrobe space
  • Less furniture = More room
  • Less stress = More sleep
  • Less time on social media = More time to connect with others in real life

Mitch Allan, Year 9 Coordinator, Wellbeing