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A time of great significance

This week we begin Lent with two significant days for the Christian calendar, starting on Shrove or Pancake Tuesday – the day before Lent starts on Ash Wednesday. The name Shrove comes from the old English word ‘Shriven’, which means to go to confession and say sorry for things. Pancake Tuesday, the other name for this day, comes from the custom of using up all of the fattening ingredients in the house before the fast during Lent. Fattening ingredients were commonly eggs and milk – thus the pancake tradition came into place!

Wednesday will see us holding our Ash Wednesday liturgy. During this Liturgy Father Bill, Coordinators and Mentor Teachers will place blessed ashes on the forehead of each member of our community in the shape of a cross. This ceremony is meant to show that a person belongs to Jesus Christ and it symbolises a persons recognition of and sadness about their sins – the same sins that all Christians believe Jesus Christ gave his life for when he died on the cross.

As the start of the Lenten period, Ash Wednesday is an important day leading up to Easter, when Jesus was resurrected. We ask that families discuss the importance of this liturgy for our community and ensure that students come to school on Wednesday prepared for a quiet and reflective morning.

The Catholic tradition asks that we fast during the Lenten period, making sacrifices to our normal behaviours and eating patterns in recognition of the important time leading up to Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. Students will be asked in Religious Studies classes over coming days about the sacrifices we can each make at this time – could it be screentime, chocolate, social media or soft drink? It would be wonderful to hear that these discussions are happening at home too.

Emma South, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, RST /Ministry Leader