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Marine Studies Excursion

Marine Studies Excursion

Water safety and Fisherman's Co-op

Year 10 Marine Studies classes recently completed their Water Safety practical skills at Mayfield Pool, where they demonstrated how to safely rescue an injured swimmer and also made an improvised flotation device from a pair of trousers! These activities are aimed to provide students with practical experience that can be applied in real-life situations, should the need arise.

Following their work in water safety, students attended Newcastle Fisherman's Cooperative in Wickham to investigate industries related to the marine environment. Our guide at the co-op, Nathan, gave students an up-close look at the processing and retail areas of the co-op and answered their questions about employment, regulations and sustainability. Students then observed some of the other marine industries in the Wickham area, such as the dry dock and boatyard where a vessel was being lowered back into the water.

Next term Year 10 Marine Studies students will investigate the rehabilitation of marine environments, such as Ash Island.

Michael Quinn, Science Teacher