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Prepare for the Real World

Prepare for the Real World

Principles to teach your kids

I was reading an article last week titled ‘Preparing your kids for the real world’. Life today is definitely more complicated than when I was at school and growing up, however I still feel if we educate our children/students to be more resourceful and resilient they will be better equipped to navigate their way through life. I have two boys myself and I found the following pieces of advice very useful and relevant.

Principles to teach your kids:

Own your life. Make good choices and accept responsibility for your actions. Your life is determined by the sum of the choices that YOU make.

Face the facts. Every day isn’t filled with rainbows. Be prepared to accept the good with the bad — even roses have thorns.

Take it slow. Don’t bite off more than you can chew at first. Build confidence and momentum through small wins.

Don’t blame — learn. Make mistakes when the consequences are small. That way, you’ll know exactly how to handle things when it matters most.

Don’t baby yourself. Show some grit when you’re confronted by challenges. Determination is habit forming; so is quitting.

Invest in yourself. Education and experience are precious. Everything you learn makes you more valuable, and the benefits will remain with you through life.

Accept “no” as a gift. People who don’t indulge your every whim are teaching you “how to fish.” They’re giving you the gift of confidence, strength, and self-reliance.

Work hard; work smart. Nothing is accomplished without hard work, dedication, and commitment. It takes many years to become an overnight success.

Patrick Doyle, Year 7 Coordinator, Wellbeing