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St Dominic's Day

St Dominic's Day

Community Picnic

We will celebrate St Dominic’s Day on Wednesday 5th August with liturgies in mentor groups, craft activities, special year assemblies and year level community picnics.

As part of a special 2020 process, Mentor Teachers will be keeping an eye out and seeking feedback from students in their Mentor groups to find individuals who stand out as living the Dominican pillars of Study, Community, Prayer and Service. There will be special St Dominic’s Day awards presented at year assemblies to celebrate the Dominican values as we live them at SCM.

Each year level will have an allocated time together to have a meal and celebrate with a range of community games.

While we need to celebrate St Dominic’s Feast Day a little differently this year, we are still hoping to create an atmosphere of JOY for our students and staff. 

Emma South, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, RST /Ministry Leader