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Tut Roadshow

Tut Roadshow

Year 7 HSIE Experience

On Tuesday 21 October all of Year 7 were invited to step back in time when the Tut Roadshow came to San Clemente.  Students were given the opportunity to learn about different aspects of life in ancient Egyptian times including understanding and application of ancient Egyptians mathematics, the importance of seals for identification and authenticity of people (particularly pharaohs once they passed to the afterlife).  Students were also able to create their own seal and collected these the following day.  Year 7s developed their archaeological skills as they assessed skulls to determine age and gender of a person as well as holding and examining 3000 year old pottery!  They were able to write their names using hieroglyphics and explored the presentation of Tutankhamun’s ‘tomb’ (or a copy of it including its size).  Finally, students were given the opportunity to watch interactive videos that told the story of Tutankhamun and the mystery surrounding his death, and the significant people who have made important discoveries in gathering a greater understanding of decoding ancient Egyptian letters.  Artefacts (replica and real) were on display for students to look at, including 2000 year old Roman glass, a 3000 year old Babylonian bowl and a 4000 year old honey pot!

Leticia Wakely, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, HSIE

Student Reviews

On Tuesday the Tut Roadshow came to our school. My favourite part of the day was getting to go in the Roadshow truck. Inside the truck, we watched a number of videos about Ancient Egypt and the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. I found these videos very interesting, and I really enjoyed them. Along with the videos, there was an amazing collection of artefacts and replicas that really enhanced the experience. The day was full of fun activities and amazing learning opportunities, and I’m really glad I got to particiate. Bella Lewis

Personally, I really enjoyed the tomb experience included in the tut roadshow, it was really diverse and explained a whole story in a brief and detailed manner. It was very convenient in terms of visualisation as the pictures and diagrams were detailed and explained a whole story itself, this is of course without mentioning the clear explanation that was provided. Louis Hosie