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French - Drama - Visual Art

Year 8 French

The first unit 'Bonjour!' focused on developing knowledge and linguistic skills that enable students to greet each other, ask and tell how they are and to introduce themselves in different social settings by saying their name, age, nationality and where they live.  Students enjoyed role-plays while learning a variety of expressions and basic grammar within this context. The students were also introduced to the major attractions in Paris, France's geographic location and neighboring countries. Before the season of Lent, students created carnival masks for Mardi Gras (translates as "Fat Tuesday") which is a religious festival in the French calendar. Well done Year 8, your creativity, positive attitude and big smiles contributed to the festive spirit!

Year 10 French


In the first unit "Ma maison de rêve" in French, Year 10 students learned how to describe their home, bedroom, and chores they do at home. They also learned about St Valentine Day's tradition in France, created cards and tasted traditional French macarons. After their fantastic presentations of dream houses, the students had an opportunity to enjoy more food tasting of French-style gâteaux from Euro Patisserie. 

Stage 5 Drama

Drama has the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, excite the imagination and encourage students to reach their creative and expressive potential. Our Elective Drama students in Year 9 and 10 are creative, adaptable, articulate, team players, leaders, risk-takers, brave and talented. They have embraced the wonderful experiences offered to them from in the classroom to the stage and are currently preparing for their role in the Holy Thursday Liturgy next week.