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Harmony Day

Harmony Day

Everyone belongs

Last week our San Clemente community joined together to observe Harmony Week. A significant week that centres on the celebration of Australian multiculturalism and the successful integration of migrants into our community.

The celebrations are to direct our focus and attention to conversations around inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background.

This year’s theme for Harmony Week 2021- Everyone Belongs.

Throughout the week there was much enthusiasm as all were trying to complete Mrs Foley’s Harmony Day trivia. Many thanks to Mrs Foley for creating this activity for all in our community to enjoy. Some great staff questions!

To further our celebrations, I wanted to put a spotlight on Moving Forward Together a social initiative by various community groups committed to creating a better understanding amongst all sectors of the community for a vision of living in harmony. It is based on the philosophy of a decent society and caters to all people regardless of colour, origin, culture or religion. 

Each year their Harmony Day Poster and Song Writing Competitions attract thousands of entries and bring out the creativity and passion of school students motivated by a desire for a peaceful and inclusive society. This year all in our San Clemente community are encouraged to participate in the project. For those interested please see the link below and consider ways to win the $500 and $300 prizes!

(More info at

The culmination of our week was our Harmony Day BBQ. A day where students were encouraged to accessorise with orange (the official Harmony Week colour) and buy a sausage sandwich to support our chosen Catholic charity Caritas and their annual Project Compassion initiative. Many thanks to all who contributed as we have now surpassed our $1000 Lenten goal! I am hopeful that by Holy Thursday we would have raised $1300 which will enable our school to buy a 5000L water tank for a school in the Solomon Islands.

Together, Lets continue to ‘be more.’

Rebel Clark, Ministry Leader