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Sayonara Paper Cranes

Sayonara Paper Cranes

The Daly (Weekly) Anime Club

As many will know, the Daly (Weekly) Anime Club folded 1000 paper cranes and created an art installation in 2019 but at the end of last year we decided it was time for them to fly to a new home in Japan: the Children’s Peace Monument in Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima.  Each year people from all around the world donate millions of paper cranes for display at the Monument and now the paper cranes made at San Clemente have been added to this monument as an incredible sign of peace.

It wasn’t simple though, our display had to be taken apart, all cranes unthreaded, divided by colour, counted and re-threaded in accordance with the display protocols at the park, then they had to be wrapped safely to travel to Japan.  Thank you to the following students who got our cranes ready for departure: Julie Williams, Charlotte Dougherty, Hannah Nguyen, Christabella Hirwa, Crystal Taylor, Keira Williamson, Makhayla Brown, Tinisha Jones, Kira Jones, Lucinda Beath and Taylah Smith.

Kristy Hüber, Library