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Sight & Sound 2021

Sight & Sound 2021

A showcase of the creative talents of San Clemente students in Years 7-10

Congratulations to all the incredible Musicians, Artists, Dancers, Actors and Frenchies who have showcased their amazing talents. Once again, ‘Sight and Sound’ has taken on a new direction in 2021 - a virtual showcase in lieu of our regular 'Sight and Sound' exhibition.

Throughout November and December, you can view these wonderful performances, artworks and creative presentations here on our website or the SCM Facebook page.

Thank you to our hardworking CAPA/LOTE teachers Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Tinlin, Ms Hollingsworth, Ms Thirlway, Mr Hayden and Mrs James, and also a shout out to student’s families, instrumental and dance teachers for nurturing them in their creative journey this year.

Year 7 Visual Arts


Charisse Year 7 Music - Libertango


Charisse Year 7 Music - Pink Panther


Ella Year 7 Music


Katelyn Year 7 Music


Charlotte Year 7 Dance


Hayley Year 7 Dance


Year 8 French I


Year 8 French II


Lyndy Year 8 French Music


Year 8 Visual Arts


Elective Drama I


Year 9 Visual Arts Elective


Chloe Year 9 Music


Ella Year 9 Music - "July"


Ella Year 9 Music - "Would you be so kind?"


Quentin Year 9 Music


Will Year 9 Music


Year 10 Visual Arts


Abbie, Harry and Rhett Year 10 Music


Julie Year 10 French