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Survival tips for high school

Survival tips for high school

Sleep - Tech - Destressing - Connecting - Organisation

Last week as part of the school’s Learn 2 Learn program for Year 8, I conducted a session around the broad topic of “Survival tips for high school”. Areas I covered included:

  • Sleep – 8-10 hours is required for a teenager
  • Eating habits – the importance of breakfast and a balanced diet with lots of water and no energy drinks
  • Minimising phone/technology usage – students were encouraged to leave their phones on the kitchen bench at 8pm and forget about them- no phones by beds at night
  • Destressing after school – a walk/run, riding a bike/scooter, sport even playing with a pet. Forget technology/gaming/TV and to lock yourself in your room.
  • Connecting with parents – maintain connection/conversations with parents/carers. Share your day with them and assist them with preparing a meal once a week.
  • Staying organised – keep on top of assessment tasks, start them early and always seek assistance/support from your teacher.

At the end of the session I did a short mindfulness session with each Year 8 group and encouraged them to use mindfulness regularly. Mindfulness is a great tool to refocus the mind, improve concentration and productivity as well as reducing stress and anxiety. It can also improve the quality and efficiency of ones sleeping patterns.

Patrick Doyle, Year 8 Wellbeing & Engagement Coordinator