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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Year 9 and 10

Year 9 and 10 Visual Art students have been busy this semester and have both recently completed major tasks for their units "Wild Thing" and "Say it with Text". 

Year 9 have worked on a range of photography tasks, and then each created a movie poster using photoshop with their pet as the starring character. See Evelyn Anapu and Ella Degenhardt's fabulous posters below.


The students have then created some fantastic skateboard artwork designs and painted them using spray paint, stencilling and acrylic paints. See a small selection of artworks by Charley Hirschausen, Anya Bacic-Wilson, Angus Thomsen and Timothy Perez. 


Year 10 have been exploring a range of artworks and activities relating to text in art and have most recently created lino print designs with a powerful message about social justice and societal issues. They experimented with a range of printing and presentation techniques to resolve these artworks. See below excellent artworks by Lachlan, Dyllan North, Ava King and Nia Swanson.