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Author Visit, Scot Gardner

Author Visit, Scot Gardner

The art of storytelling

Scot Gardner, Australian author of over 20 books, shared his passion for writing with the students of San Clemente Mayfield. 

Often funny, Scot revealed many of his own memories and the influences for his stories with students from Years 7-10. While each presentation was a little different, each cohort was encouraged to ‘write what they know’. Writing is a journey and is as individual as we are. His characters are a culmination of details from people he has met, never boring, always authentic. 

He encouraged students to share their 'I remember' stories. Many of the stories left the audience in stitches. While Scot prefers to set his stories in the real world he inspired the students to be adventurous in their exploration of ideas when it came to creative writing, to explore 'what if' scenarios. The possibilities are endless.

Lynette van Zeeland, Teacher/Librarian