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BANNED Success

BANNED Success


We have had a very positive and rewarding start to Term 4 with the highlight being the school musical BANNED. Many months of planning, creativity, preparation, and hard work resulted in what could only be described as a standout success and all involved are worthy of the highest praise and congratulations. I want to thank Mrs Kate James our CAPA Coordinator, Ms Anastasia Griggs, Mr Riley Warren, and Ms Chelsea Iddon for the countless hours of work they gave to writing, staging, producing, and delivering a professional class musical that allowed almost seventy of our students to access their creative talents and put them so positively on display. There were up to another twenty of our staff who also assisted in small and large ways to the success of the school’s first musical and my thanks goes to all who supported and ensured its success.

The San Clemente students involved in the musical were an absolute credit to the school, their families and themselves. As I listened to their gratitude session in the celebration gathering this week, it was clear that the bond created and built upon through the experience of being involved in the BANNED production was something they will hold dear their entire lives. Congratulations to all students involved and again the school is immensely proud of your efforts and hard work. Enjoy the accolades! The four Dominican Pillars of Prayer, Study, Service and Community were well and truly on display and experienced throughout the production.

Bernard Burgess, Principal


For those who were lucky enough to see our School Musical, ‘BANneD A world without music’ last week, I am sure that all would have come away mightily impressed. Every aspect was brilliant from the acting, music, singing, dancing, backstage, costumes and set. It truly was an incredible display of talent. I am blown away by each student’s growth as an actor, dancer, musician, backstage technician and usher.

Such a show does not come about by accident. As usual, the dedication and commitment of staff to provide our students with this opportunity was extraordinary, giving freely their time to benefit our students. While I thank all involved, I must single out a few for special mention. Our Musical Director, Riley Warren; Director, Anastasia Griggs; Assistant Director, Chelsea Iddon who are the soul of the production and sacrificed so much time, sweat and effort to ensure it came to fruition. We are blessed to have such fine people in our school community whose love of the performing arts makes San Clemente all the richer.

Again, congratulations to the ALL involved.

Kate James, Leader of Learning, CAPA