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Social Justice Exhibition - CAPA Immersion - DioSounds

2022 Social Justice Exhibition

Congratulations to all our SCM students who contributed to the 2022 Diocesan Social Justice Exhibition. Students were invited to create a work based on the themes found in the 2022 Social Justice statement: ‘Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor’.  


Artist: Charlotte S       
Title: ‘Fortune Favours the Rich’

My artwork represents the powers of privilege. In our world we see a repeated pattern of the poor suffering as a result of decisions made by the rich. Stereotypes associated with the cleanliness and wisdom of the wealthy, as opposed to the weakness and dirtiness of the poor, are damaging and disgusting. People of all backgrounds share the planet we live on, yet the wealthy act like they own it. It is the poorer nations and communities who suffer first as a result of rising sea temperatures and climate change. ‘Fortune Favours the Rich’ shows that it is not until the privileged see the world as a common home rather than a place to make a profit, that we can move towards a sustainable future for all.


Artist: Faith D     
Title: ‘The Symbols That Bind Us’.

My painting is a diptych based around the natural elements of my cultural land in Nimba, Liberia. The panel on the right shows a mountain – a location that brings people together and is symbolic for strength and growth. The scene on the left panel represents the darkness of the earth in its current crisis yet it is lit with the light of the heavens. Stars are symbolic of the people in all lands being united in a common journey as custodians of this planet. The lone bird flies east to a panel of brightness and symbolises the belief we have in each other as human beings.


Artist: Reign C   
Title: ‘The Colour of Hope’

My artwork is a symbolic drawing that represents the power of life to overcome and heal, following disaster. The symbol of the charcoal skull is linked to the death, damage and decay occurring in our world. However, I have included bars of colour to show that hope can heal and provide solace for people affected by crisis - our earth depends on this. Nature renews and repairs itself as long as we respect and allow for opportunities so that this can happen. Hope is the solid framework that can support us as humans to respect the gift of creation around us.


Artist: Zoe B     
Title: ‘Vulnerability’

‘Vulnerability’ is a photograph which contemplates the uncertainty of the future. Dogs have always been human’s closest friend – providing comfort, warmth, and safety since domestication. I wonder if they could talk, how they would judge our actions - our actions affecting ecosystems, which in turn affect the animals that live in them. Dogs are such honest animals that I felt Leo would be a perfect sitter for my photograph. Vulnerable yet noble, he looks into the distance embodying the connection that we, as humans, have with our common home.


Artist: Amaya J  
Title: “Bushfire approaching”

This artwork looks at exploring the ecological and social justice issue of bushfires, and the devastation they cause in the lives of individuals and society. It is an artwork about “The Cry of the Earth”. One powerful element I added is the cloth which represents a curtain inside a home. It acts as a window onto the destruction and possible death heading towards this home and its inhabitants. I wanted to place the viewer up close to the unfolding horror. I also wanted to add the cloth to put the viewer in someone else’s shoes, for them to feel as though they’re looking out from their own window, to put themselves in that frightening situation, and the realisation of the destruction caused by bushfires and climate change.

Thank you to our Visual Arts Staff Emma McCarthy and Katie De Bock for their artistic support. The effects of art teachers are enormous and lasting, impacting not only how students feel about their work but also their understanding of the world.


CAPA Immersion 2022

CAPA Immersion 2022 is fast approaching. After a two-year hiatus, its back on! fingers crossed! Developed to expand the horizons of our Year 9 and 10 students, this tour will provide them with the opportunity to participate in new experiences across music, dance, drama and visual arts and to develop their passion for creation and expression. So many amazing creative and performing arts events, workshops, and experiences to be had. This year students will have the opportunity to view the Archibald, Wynne, and Sulman Exhibitions at NSW Art Gallery; Sydney Dance Company and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) acting and dance workshops; A tour and studio session at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), drumming workshop with Drumbeats and a night at the theatre to see the production of ‘The One’. The tour has always been very popular with students and is one of the highlights of their time at San Clemente.


DioSounds – Back On Stage!

DioSounds, again after a two-year hiatus, we have finally made it BACK ON STAGE. Our San Clemente musicians have worked tirelessly over the past five weeks to put on entertaining, musical, professional, and gutsy performances at the Civic Theatre on Thursday 2nd June. We are so proud of each one of them. A big thank you to Mr Warren and Ms Mackertich for their musical expertise, passion for the arts and the encouragement and support given to our students throughout the rehearsal phase.

To our musicians, a huge CONGRATS and a hearty slap on the back for your amazing performances, a showcase of musical talents, musical skills and camaraderie with the way you have supported and encouraged each other.

Kate James, Leader of Learning, CAPA/LOTE