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Living History - Commerce Business Stalls

As we draw to the end of our Semester 1 assessment period, I want to thank students for their effort and application to their learning. The quality of student work across all years is a testament to the level of engagement we have seen this year.

Recently, year 9 History students received a visit from Shane Blackman, from Living History. Students had the opportunity to handle artefacts and weapons, as well as engage in discussion workshops. The event provided great insight into the experiences of soldiers in the frontline trenches of France and Belgium between 1916 and 1918. We would like to thank Shane for his engaging presentation and look forward to seeing him next year.

This week, Mrs Pruteanu’s Year 10 Commerce class are running their business stalls during lunch. They are selling a variety of baked goods, spider drinks and other treats. All money raised goes to Vinnies Winter appeal. These stalls are a part of their running a business unit providing insight into all elements of business function, including marketing research, promotion, and business success.

Please be advised that next term, all years will transfer from either History to Geography or vice versa. The transitions are as follows:

Year 7 and 8 Geography will now study History

Year 9 and 10 History will now study Geography

As has been the case this semester, our key focus will be on developing skills in written literacy. Our staff have formalised a process of assessing writing skills in Geography and we will continue to apply targeted intervention using whole year data.

Michael Flanagan, Leader of Learning, HSIE