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Maths News

Maths News

All Stage 5 Mathematics classes are busy preparing for next week’s Semester One Examinations. Students have been given past papers and additional revision to help them practice their skills in the relevant topic areas. Extra copies of the revision are available from the Small Staffroom. Students are encouraged to do the revision MULTILPE times. Just like training/trial games in sport- practicing similar questions multiple times is EXCELLENT preparation for Mathematics exams. The topics being assessed in Stage 5 are:

Year 10: Algebra, Equations and Linear Relationships

Year 9: Equations and Trigonometry

Students are allowed their Learning Logs to assist them and can see Ms Wilks if they need another. Please remember to also bring your calculator to your Maths exam. Calculators can be purchased from the Finance Office for $20 if needed. It has been great to see so many students attend Maths and Milo at Lunch and/or Maths After School Tutoring for some extra study and help from teachers. All students are welcome to come along to these programs- both of which are held on Monday’s in D1.

The San Clemente Year 11 Accelerated students recently sat their second task for Advanced Mathematics. There were certainly some nerves as they travelled to St Francis Xavier’s College to sit the test with the current Year 11 cohort, but some excellent results were recorded. The Accelerated Mathematics program has been running at San Clemente since 2013. Students complete Year 9 and 10 in ONE YEAR rather than the normal two-year program. They then start and complete their senior studies in Advanced Mathematics a year earlier than normal. These following students: Anya B W, Lucinda B, Zachary B, Riley B, Sarah-Jane D, Bianka D, Xander H, Dominic J, Patrick M, Aidan M, Ella M, Elizabeth S, Cain Tand Izzy T are to be congratulated of their achievements and work ethic as the program takes a lot of extra commitment and study.

Helen Wilks, Leader of Learning, Mathematics