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Religious Studies

Religious Studies

What is Religious Literacy?

Religious Studies lessons are taught in Catholic schools in our diocese from Kindergarten to Year 12 and are central to the mission of our school. By bringing the good news of the Kingdom of God, students are armed with the positivity and hope of the gospel message of Jesus.

Just as students across our diocese sit NAPLAN tests in Year 7 and 10 for English and Maths, students undertake Diocesan Religious Literacy Tests in Years 8 and 10 to measure how well they know, understand, and can apply what they have been learning in Religious Studies. These tests form part of the Year 8 and 10 Assessment Schedule.

When students finish school, they will understand be able to engage in conversations about religion and what it means to be a Catholic and can articulate the essential elements of the Catholic faith. The curriculum embeds the values of love, patience, respect, honesty, justice and compassion as exemplified by Jesus.

As in any other academic subject at school, Religious Studies has a body of knowledge with a range of subject specific language made up of terms and definitions that a student must know and be able to apply.  Students should revise their class work regularly at home. To be able to revise and regularly study, students have their class one note, glossaries and digital tools such as quizlet. The Diocesan Religious Literacy Awards recognise positive achievement.

Class Masses

Students in Year 7 and Year 10 have been to class masses this term, celebrated by Fr Anthony in the school chapel.  Father Anthony has a good rapport with students, promoting discussion that is both relevant and engaging. This is a wonderful opportunity, and it has had a positive impact on both student learning and their sense of community.

Easter Holidays

Easter brings with it the message of hope and new life amidst weakness and despair. God calls us to live our lives in full colour, with peace, love and joy in the knowledge that Jesus has redeemed us from our sin, and by His death and resurrection we have the promise of eternal life. Through the working of the Holy Spirit in our world, we can create change by putting God and love before all else.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Easter!

Elizabeth Lemmon, 
Leader of Learning, Religious Studies