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Stage 5 Semester 1 Exams

Stage 5 Semester 1 Exams

Timetable - Rules - Procedures




Examination Rules & Procedures

Exam Timetable

Students will receive a hard copy of the Exam timetable in their Mentor. The exam timetable will also be published in Veritas (the school newsletter) and on the school’s website. 

Academic Uniform is to be worn during the examination period.


If a student misses an examination they must complete an Assessment Variation form and submit it to the relevant LOL the first day back at school. Approval of application of assessment variation due to absence will be determined by the relevant Leader of Learning in consultation with the Assistant Principal of Teaching and learning. Students absent will be required to complete the task after the cohort. Catch-up exams will be scheduled with the Administration Coordinator.

If a student arrives late for an examination, no concessions will be given except under exceptional circumstances as deemed by the Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning and KLA Leader of Learning.

Stationery Requirements

The requirements for each examination are outlined on the Assessment Notification for each exam. This would include information relating to the length of the examination, the format of the examination and the need to supply any specific equipment such as rulers, calculators, or other items.

Equipment is only to be taken into the exam centre in a clear plastic sleeve.

Students should write in black or blue pen. Make sure you bring spare pens to each examination.

You may also bring a ruler, highlighters, pencils (should be at least 2B) and a sharpener.

You can wear your watch to your examinations, but once you sit down you will have to take it off and place it in clear view on your desk. Programmable watches, including smart watches, will not be allowed in the examination room

All equipment you bring is subject to inspection on entry. Make sure any equipment you are allowed to bring, such as a calculator, is in good working order because an appeal under misadventure provisions for equipment failure will not be upheld.

What you cannot bring into your examination room:

A mobile phone. Mobile phones are to be switched off and in bags or given to the supervising teacher.

A programmable watch, eg a smart watch.

Any electronic device (except a calculator where permitted). This includes mobile phones or other communication devices, organisers, tablets (eg iPads, etc), music players or electronic dictionaries.

Paper or any printed or written material (including your examination timetable).

Dictionaries, except where permitted in language examinations.

Correction fluid (liquid paper).

You are not allowed to borrow equipment during examinations

Students will be informed of marshalling locations prior to the examination period.

Students are to enter the exam centre in single file when their name is called.

There is to be silence at all times in the exam centre- from the time students enter the centre.

When answering examination papers, students are to stop writing immediately when told to do so by the supervisor.

Students are unable to leave any exam early.

Emma Tierney

Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning)