Elective selection


The time has come for Year 8 students to choose electives to study in Stage 5 (Years 9 and Year 10). Students have experienced a ‘taste’ of some subjects throughout Years 7 and 8 and through that experience and the process outlined below, are hopefully able to make informed choices. The elective courses are in addition to the core subjects and at San Clemente students in Stage 5 can study two elective subjects.

The interruption to normal routines created by the COVID 19 pandemic has meant a need for changes to the process of students accessing information and making elective choices.

The process will proceed in line with the following:

 Term 3 – Week 2 – Wednesday 21 July – Elective Booklet will be distributed to all Year 8 students and a link to Elective information will be made available through the San Clemente, school website.

 Term 3 – Week 2 (Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st July) – An Elective Expo will be conducted for all Year 8 students where they will meet with teachers and access further information about Elective courses.

 Following the Elective Expo, parents and carers can submit questions to teachers and coordinators about subjects and selections via email and expect a response within 48 hours.

 Term 3, Week 3 (Monday 26th July) – Deadline for student submission of Elective choices in line with directions for this process.

Every effort will be made to place students in the courses highest on their priority list, but sometimes circumstances will dictate otherwise. Although the courses in the Elective Booklet are offered to San Clemente students, the number of students who choose a course and the availability of staff to teach courses can determine whether or not the school is able to offer the subject the following year.

Some important points:

 Every student in Year 9 and Year 10 will be studying Religious Studies, Mathematics, English, Science, History/Geography/Civics and Personal Development/Health/PE. These are mandatory courses.

 Each student will study two elective subjects but must select three in the Electives process. Students are advised to make their choices realistic. Every effort will be made to meet their first choices.

Mr Bernard Burgess (Principal)


Elective Courses

Child Studies


Design and Technology


Food Technology

Language: French

Graphics Technology

History Elective

Industrial Technology Timber and Metal

Industrial Technology Timber only

Information & Software Technology

iSTEM (Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

Marine and Aquaculture Technology


Physical Activity/Sports Science (PASS)

Visual Arts