Graphics Technology

The study of Graphics Technology develops an understanding of the significance of graphical communication as a universal language and the techniques and technologies used to convey technical and non- technical ideas and information. Graphics Technology develops in students the ability to read, interpret and produce graphical presentations that communicate information using a variety of techniques and media.

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Quotes from students:

I love Graphics Technology because…

  • “the program lets you do many things quickly”
  • “the finished drawings always look good”
  • “if you make a mistake you can easily undo it”
  • “I did not know you could draw with a computer”

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All students will learn about the principles and techniques involved in producing a wide range of images, models, pictures and drawings. They will gain an understanding of graphics standards, conventions and procedures used in manual and computer-based drafting.

Students undertaking 200 hours of Graphics Technology will study a range of topics that focus on specific areas of graphics including: 

  • Architectural Drawing   
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting     
  • Cabinet and Furniture Drawing 

The major emphasis of the Graphics Technology syllabus is on a student actively planning, developing and producing quality graphical presentations. They will learn to interpret and analyse graphical images and presentations and develop an understanding of the use of graphics in industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

Assessment Tasks

  • Classwork          60% of final grade
  • Assignments      20% of final grade
  • Formal tests       20% of final grade

Students will receive a statement of achievement on their ROSA based on the above tasks.

Additional Information

The school will supply drawing boards for the manual drawing components, students will be expected to purchase other necessary drawing equipment.

Students will need to download the Fusion 360 drawing program onto their laptop to allow them to complete the CAD drawings. This is a free download for students. 

Any student undertaking Industrial Technology (Drawing) or Engineering Science in Years 11 and 12 will find a definite advantage in having studied Graphics Technology. A pupil undertaking a trade course, e.g. fitting and machining, any building trade, boiler-making, will also benefit from having experience in Graphics Technology.