Industrial Technology : Timber only

Industrial Technology develops students’ knowledge and understanding of materials and processes in a range of technologies. They develop knowledge and skills relating to the selection, use and application of materials, tools, machines and processes through the planning and production of quality practical projects. Students will study two focus areas: metal and timber.

All students will learn about the properties and applications of materials associated with their chosen area of study. They will study the range of tools, machines and processes available in both industrial and domestic settings for working with selected materials. Students will learn about safe practices for practical work environments, including risk identification and minimization strategies. They will also learn about design and designing including the communication of ideas and processes. 

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Quotes from students:

"Timber was really easy to work with."

"My timber toolbox and ladder was used a lot at home."

"I liked decorating my project with the laser cutter."

"I like Timber because making things on the wood lathe is great fun."

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The major emphasis of the Industrial Technology syllabus is on students actively planning and constructing quality practical projects. Students will learn to select and use a range of materials for individual projects. They will learn to competently and safely use a range of hand tools, power tools and machines to assist in the construction of projects. They will also learn to produce drawings and written reports to develop and communicate ideas and information relating to projects.

Industrial Technology – Timber core and module will be studied in Year 9 and 10.

Assessment Tasks

Assessment in Industrial Technology is based on 3 areas: 

  • Practical Work - 60% of course grade
  • Assignment Work - 20% of course grade
  • Formal Examinations - 20% of course grade

Students will receive a statement of achievement on their ROSA based on the above tasks.

Additional Information

All students may elect to study Industrial Technology in Years 9 and 10. Students must wear appropriate footwear. All other safety equipment is provided by the school, on a communal basis. Students are requested to provide their own safety glasses to avoid the passing on of communicable eye diseases.

Students who are considering an apprenticeship in industry or who are interested in building work should elect Industrial Technology.