Learn to Learn

The Learn to Learn programme at San Clemente aims to explicitly teach students skills that can be used across all their subjects to foster their ability to become independent, organised and lifelong learners. Whilst there are many skills accessed in the formal curriculum they are often implicit and not explicitly developed.

In the Learn to Learn programme, students will learn strategies to develop their metacognitive and self-regulation skills to foster independent learning. Metacognition is being aware of how you learn (see this article) whereas self-regulation, in this context, is being able to develop behaviours and habits to assist in learning. For example, students learn mind mapping, how to organise their learning space, use of wall charts and organisers, study skills and various other strategies.

The Learn to Learn programme begins with teaching students certain routines, procedures and expectations that are common across every subject. For example, students learn how to access their email, etiquette when writing an email, conventions used in saving work on a computer, and how to use their electronic calendar to name a few. Whilst these seem obvious, these are explicitly taught to ensure all students have the opportunity to strengthen these everyday skills.

It is envisioned that students will use and practise these newly developed skills whilst at San Clemente. It is hoped that they will draw upon them in the future, whether it be in senior school, tertiary studies or employment.