Deaf or Hard of Hearing Student Support

Deaf or hard of hearing students enrolled at San Clemente are supported through the Feldt Centre. A full time specialist teacher and two Learning Support Assistants support the students, across all KLAs, to ensure that each individual student gains best access to the curriculum. 

Students attend mainstream classes and they are encouraged to use an FM device to maximise their auditory input. An FM device is also used during assemblies, year meetings and in all large group settings to ensure students can access the information. Support is given individually and in small groups to assist with student’s individual needs, this may include note taking, oral/sign interpreter, paraphrasing and developing language skills and comprehension. All classes use subtitled audio-visual material where available.

IMG_9975-smallAll staff are proficient in AUSLAN. Staff work in close collaboration with mainstream teachers to ensure concepts and language covered in class are understood by the deaf or hard of hearing student. Students can be withdrawn to the Feldt Centre, when necessary, for individual teaching, revision and assessments.

A case manager is assigned to each student to assist with all aspects of life at High School. This includes a close relationship with the families to ensure communication and support works as a partnership. We aim to develop each student academically, socially and emotionally whilst at school and encourage them to reach their full potential.


San Clemente has a long and proud history of assisting students who are deaf or hard of hearing and together we work with class teachers to provide the best opportunities for students both in and out of class.