Learning Disabilities or Difficulties

Literacy Support 


A large part of the Feldt Centre's role is to provide literacy and numeracy intervention for students identified as needing additional support. One of our three rooms is dedicated to running support programs utilising the Macquarie University Literacy Program (Macqlit). Selected students participate in a small group (2-5 students) withdrawal group four times per week under the direction of a Learning Support teacher or Assistant. This program gives specific practice in phonemic awareness and phonics while also promoting skills in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Comprehension Practice


Students who have been identified as having reading and/or comprehension difficulties work in either small groups with a Learning Support Teacher or a Learning Support Assistant to work through our comprehension program. Some students may also complete this on a one on one basis depending on need. Students progress through the levels as they demonstrate competency.

In-Class Support


Some students may require additional support within mainstream classes. Support is offered by Assistants who help students to get started on class work, give direction for follow up or, at the direction of the teacher, withdraw the students to the Feldt Centre for ongoing work.




The Learning Support Centre has a policy of building strong relationships with outside agencies who assist in the support of students with disabilities. Organisations such as The Cerebral Palsy Support Group https://cerebralpalsygroup.com/support/special-education/, Hearing Australia https://www.hearing.com.au/Get-help/Find-a-hearing-centre/NSW/Newcastle , Tourettes Association https://tourette.org.au/ are organisations which can be of further assistance in supporting students with additional needs.